Conversations With Judy – Episode 17: In Gratitude…

Bill: “Thank you for making pancakes this morning.”

Judy: “You’re welcome. They are waffles. Thank you for liking them.”

Bill:  “You’re welcome. I should have recognized the little square indentations. Thank you for thanking me for liking them.”

Judy:  “You’re welcome. And thank you for feeding Jamie, by the way. “

Bill:  “You’re welcome. I know you don’t like handling bugs. Thank you for telling Billy that we would “lizard sit” while they were away. A year ago.”

Judy:  “You’re welcome. Thank you for agreeing to do that. It was nice of you.”

Bill:  “You’re welcome, It was, rather, wasn’t it? It is sweet of you to say. Thank you.” 

Judy:  “You’re welcome. Yes it was, and thank you for saying that.”

Bill:  “You’re welcome. I always like to acknowledge that I did something nice. Thank you.”

Judy:  “You’re welcome. Actually, I was thanking you for saying that it was sweet of me to say that it was nice of you.” 

Bill:  “Oh! I’m sorry. I misunderstood. You’re welcome. Thank you for clearing that up.”

Judy:  You’re welcome. Thank you for understanding.”

Bill:  “You’re welcome. Thank you for being understandable.”

Judy:  “You’re welcome. Can we stop this, now?”

Bill:  “Yes, if we must.”

Judy:  “Thank you.”

Bill:  “You’re welcome.”





The linguist Me: Phaze 2: How To Speak French: Lesson One

Hello, Again, Gentle Reader(s),

This is the one. This is it. Finally, after all of these years, this is the post that is going to make me FAMOUS.


Oh! combien de temps j'ai attendu ce moment!


And it’s also going to help all of you to become more “continental” and refined and good at talking French. 

Yes, I am going to teach you all how to parle Francais! In French, even! And in three French Dialects! When I’m done with you, you will be able to travel almost anywhere where French is the spoken language and be able to order a hamburger or a wind up toy train!

Here’s how it’s going to work: 

First, I will display a photo which contains an object labeled in English, followed by the French translation of the English.

Next, you will click on the audio file and listen carefully to the pronunciation (which I remember entirely from Mr. Twohy’s French class in my sophomore year at St. Bonaventure High School in 1966 – 67).

Next, you can listen to the subsequent audio files to get the Southern France and French-Canadian dialects, if you so wish.

Shall we get started?

Regular French

Southern French



Regular French

Southern French



Regular French

Southern French


Well, students, our time is up for this week. 

See you next time! And until then, 




Another Successful Shopping Season For Santa Bill

Christmas shopping done!!!

Yes, once again, I have completed my Christmas shopping weeks before the blessed event takes place!

Message to giftees:

  • There are 15 people on my shopping list
  • There are 19 gifts bought and paid for
  • Each of you recipients pick one, in order of how much you love me, most to least
  • I get the leftovers


… I saved enough money to buy that boat I’ve had my eyes on!

Merry Christmas!