Originals From Friends

Once upon a time, 4 friends gathered together in the Yosemite Valley – or at least somewhere close – conspired to create music, based on the Native American Flute. 

Now, David being the only one who actually knew how to play the NAF (Native American Flute), had to teach somebody else how to do that so  he wouldn’t be the only one having fun. He volunteered Judy, she being the only other person to actually own a NAF. 

Well, She, being the shy type, didn’t want to be the only one to play along, elected Koni to play the guitar. 

And Koni, not wanting to be the only one to have fun (aside from Dave and Judy), begged Bill to join.

Bill, searching for the right sound, set out on a quest, searching high and low for the congos, long lost for the past 2 years. Finally, after wandering aimlessly for over two light years, he was struck on the head by a meteor and saw, in a meteor-induced dream, his congas located in an 18th century home, built in 1999 (True story). He went there and recovered his lost drums…

Then they all sat down in the middle of the night and the result is right here… 


 Running Waters


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