Facial Expressions

October 20, 2018

One of the most important things an actor can do is to get the right facial expression to fit the storyline, character and director’s demands with the most important part being the director’s requirements. It’ especially tough when your youngest son is directing.

Steve is a tough and demanding director. I just can’t seem to get my facial expression right in this shot.


I’m guessing Judy has had about enough…

As most of you know, I am involved in the production of a motion picture. In the movie, I am required to speak with a British accent. Because I have never spoken English English before, have to practice, which is fine, except that it is driving Judy nuts.

I have found a way to make her even more crazy with the ‘practice’ sessions – I have begun narrating my life. In a British accent. Yes, I walk around describing my every move, everything I notice, my every thought. In a British accent (sort of). 

As I said, it’s making Judy go bonkers. 

This is fun.

It’s not very good, but I think mine’s better than Kevin Costner’s. Closer to John Lithgow in Cliffhanger. 

But it is getting better. Really.

Here are three samples for your perusal…

Test One

Test Two

Test Three

A few months ago, we were testing some functionality on the D3300 camera. There was a guitar in the room (seven, actually, but I only have two hands, afterall). Steve and Judy decided to play along (Judy playing the part of the beatnik** in the coffee house, totally enthralled with my performance. Note the look of complete contemplation of the lyrics and the keeping of time with her foot). 

In the video, we are not actually Dixie Fried (especially me). And Judy is not a shape in a drape in this case, but she is certainly everything plus. 

And while this may have you interviewing your brains, and you think the performance is slated for Crashville, if you know your groceries, you will see I actually threw babies out of the balcony. Just be sure to focus your audio.

And yes, this is off the cob.

Murphy expresses his opinion at the 2:35 mark.

The whole thing is actually quite disturbing…

** beat·nik
  1. a young person in the 1950s and early 1960s belonging to a subculture associated with the beat generation.

Progressing with green and blue screen testing this weekend…

Shawn was able to join us this weekend, and we built a frame for the screen so we can move it wherever we want. We also did some blue screen testing in the side yard – came out awesome. 

And the free trial version of Adobe After-Affects expired. I guess I’m going to have to buy the thing…

More improvisation and trying to make each other laugh…

And now, Behold the 4000 Beings!

Learn how to quickly travel to the moon!

See confirmation that ‘Spicolli’ really is ‘Holy’!

Discover how many beans it takes to fill a Vegan!

Revel in the true wisdom of Scooby!

Finally know beyond the shadow of a doubt who REALLY did it, where they did it and with what it was done! (Major spoiler alert)

Relive the reason I spent two weeks in the hospital four years ago!

Become enthralled in the dramatic buildup to the final confrontation!

Beware of the consequences of underestimating the 4000 Beans!

Witness the Sad Demise of Jezebel!

Listen to, and Stare in Wonder at, my Closing Monologue! 

Observe why you don’t wear a green shirt when filming in front of a green screen!

Watch me become Translucent! 

And find out what Steve really thinks of this effort!

Started working more into the green screen practice. again, none of this is part of the film, it’s just practicing and figuring out how to do this stuff. 

Sky Diving… How not to…

First Time In France?

Let’s Try France (Again)

My youngest son, Steven Kammerer, was up this weekend.. It’s always fun when he is here. This was sort of a working weekend for us. As one of my “newly retired” duties, I am working with Steve, Billy and Shawn on a cinematic production – we are making a movie. Should be done around mid 2017.

We spent this weekend checking out locations and figuring out how to use the props and other hardware and software we have.
One of the things we tested was the green screen. Got it all set up, found a bunch of lamps to work with ( Note to self – need to get actual lighting fixtures) and we were ready to go.
Except that we didn’t know what we were going to do with it.
So we made it up as we went along…

And this was the first attempt…