Yes, It’s True…

Yes, it’s true. I have always been this handsome.

born handsome.jpg

And humble.


There Are Times…

There are times when, I must admit, I wish I could bring myself to not like somebody. I don’t think it’s in me do dislike someone – anyone. No matter what, I can always find something to like about anybody.

I may get frustrated with a person. I may be grumpy if I haven’t had nearly enough sleep. I may disagree with someone. I may actually even get peeved with someone.

But am always able to overcome those feelings in fairly short order. 


I’m not sure that’s healthy for me.

Every now and then something comes along that is so utterly good, so perfectly devious, so extremely clever, but would require that I dislike someone, which renders it so totally useless that it may cause the frustration I feel to raise my blood pressure. 

This is one of those cases…