Songs To Satisfy The Rocker In Me


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Mad As Hell

I was on a business trip in Colorado many years ago and got snowed in for several days. I ended up writing a blog post about it, and wrote and recorded this song when I finally got home.

Comin Home To You

New Sherif In Town

I wrote this for Judy in the late 1990s but never recorded it until the first decade of the 200s.

Lady You Take Me To Heaven

I wrote this one for our oldest son’s wedding, sang it at the reception and recorded it a short while after that. No dry eyes in the house…

Only A Shadow 


Nothing At All recorded by my daughter, Jennifer, for her wedding…

Nothing At All Jennifer Rosile

And the video from her wedding…

To Make You Feel My Love recorded by our daughter Jennifer for Judy and me on our 43rd Wedding Anniversary…

Our friends, Dave and Koni Ritch (my all-time favorite music partner – were visiting us. Dave had previously interested Judy in the Native American Indian Flute, and he brought his along with him. We recorded our fountain and then all sat around, Judy and Dave playing their flutes, Koni playing the guitar and me the congas, making it up as they went along. This is what it sounded like…

Running Waters by Dave and Friends


The songs are in MP3 format.  They are all copyrighted, however you are welcome to listen and/or download them for personal use if you like. At this time there is no charge to do so, but I reserve the right to change that policy without notice. I do not give permission to sell, or otherwise distribute for profit, any original music or written material on this site, or any sites linked to this site.

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Copyright 2008 Bill Kammerer


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