Nights In White Satin

These are some of  my fovoideos from youtube..  some of these songs my band did (I’m So Glad, which we did a reasonably good job of performing, is where we got the name of our band – Glad…)

Rhythm of the Rain – Cascades 2005

The Fendertones –  Not the beach boys, AWESOME sound – Let Him Run Wild –

And California Girls

And – God Only Knows

The BEACHBOYS – Help Me Rhonda

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

For all you Amercans out there:

Mad As Hell…



2 Responses to “Some Of My Favorite Music Videos From Youtube”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Great picks, but YouTube servers say most of these videos are no longer available.

  2. billkammerer Says:

    Hi Patrick, That’s interesting… All but one still play from my PC. I’ll remove the one that’s no longer available (Grease – Summer Nights).

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