10 – Bio – Chapter 10

Recruiting Band Members – The Beginning

 Posted 4/26/08

After the dance, I headed home, my enthusiasm reborn.  On the way home, I was going through all the names of all the guys I knew who I thought might be good ones to ask to join my band… 

Wes Leavens…

Wes was a buddy of mine who had a couple of pet snakes.  (Well, he was down to one pet snake because one of them ate the other when, at the teacher’s request, he took them both to science class to keep on display. We came to class one morning and there was only one (visible) snake in the enclosure.  We found the tail of the other sticking out of the mouth of the one that wasn’t going to have to be fed for the rest of the school year.)

I have a very clear memory that involves these snakes, my sister when she was sick with the flu and her bed (she should never have left her bed to go barf in the toilet).  Oh yeah – and my mom getting really mad at me.  Not for this biography…

Wes played the trumpet…

Jerry Knudsen…

Jerry was my best friend in school at that time.  One interesting thing that happened with Jerry and me is that I actually ran into him walking down the street in Hong Kong about six years later – small world…

He was a lot taller than me, which has absolutely no bearing on anything at all, but it’s the closest thing to musical talent that he possessed. 

Jerry couldn’t play a record…

Jimmy Simon…

Jimmy was my best friend all around.  He was a certifiable genius and he lived down the street from me. We had all kinds of adventures together – too many to name here.  We once had a water fight.  In his living room.  With garden hoses… 

This was not a good thing, and his parents made sure we understood that, though they didn’t ban me from the premises. 

Fortunately, the damage was minimal and our punishment was to clean the place up THOROUGHLY and to swear never to do it again.  I don’t know about Jimmy, but I can say unequivocally that I have never had a water fight in Jimmy Simon’s Parents’ living room since. 

Jimmy played the Violin…

That about covered the entire range of friends who might be interested in forming a band with me… And what a group we would make…  I could just imagine our first gig…

…”One-two-three-four…” the music starts…

Spectator 1:  “That’s an interesting mix of instruments.”

Spectator 2: “Yes, isn’t it?”

Spectator 1: “And an interesting sound, too.  What is that song?  It sounds so familiar.”

Spectator 2:  “Well, I think it’s a medley of different songs.”

Spectator 1:  “That’s it!  But what are they?”

Spectator 2:  “I think the violin player is performing the Blue Danube Waltz, the trumpet player is doing Taps and the guitar player is playing Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

Spectator 1:  “Why, yes, I do believe you’re right.  Too bad they are playing them all at the same time.”

Spectator 2:  “And in different keys.”

Spectator 1:  “And with different time signatures. What’s that tall fellow doing?”

Spectator 2:  “I think he’s just being tall.”

Spectator 1:  “So he is – and doing a right smart job of it, too, I might add.”

Spectator 2:  “I quite agree.  He’s the only one up there with any real talent, if you ask me.  At least he seems to be doing his part in such a way as to not clash with the other instruments.”  

Spectator 1:  “Right you are, old boy..”

By the time I got home, I was thinking of ways to make new friends… 


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