Full Length Old Sci-Fi and Horror Movies – Good, Bad and Ugly

Indented comments are from the Youtube postings. Anything I say is all the way to the left of the page.

The Alligator People (1959)

-The character of Paul Webster (the Gator Man) was likely the inspiration for the Marvel character, Dr. Curt Conners (the Lizard); who recently appeared in the ‘Amazing Spiderman’ (2012). ‘The Alligator People’ was released several years before comic writer Stan Lee created the character of Dr. Conners; and the two have a near identical origin.

Zydereen of Neptune (1955)

“Zydereen of Neptune” is a compilation of the classic 1950s Sci-fi tv program Flash Gordon. The episodes used for the film are…… 1. The Witch of Neptune 2. The Brain Machine 3. Struggle to the end

The Phantom Planet (1961)

After an invisible asteroid draws an astronaut and his ship to its surface, he is miniaturized by the phantom planet’s exotic atmosphere.

Terror Beneath the Sea / Kaitei daisensô 1966


The Man From Planet X

Spanish Subtitles

For some years, Professor Elliot and his daughter have had 
an observatory with a telescope on a small island in the north of 
Scotland. From there they contemplate the Universe as a whole and,
in particular, Planet X. Mears, a renowned doctor and John 
Lawrence, an American journalist, are also part of the team that 
will account for such a discovery for the history of mankind. 
However, a new visitor will arrive to the remote island.

Battle of the Worlds (1961)

A stray planet on a collision course with Earth instead takes orbit around our blue marble. What seems like a dead planet suddenly launches a fleet of flying saucers which attack our space fleets.

Warning from Space (1956)

UFO’s are seen around Tokyo. Because they look like giant starfish the aliens cannot approach us without creating panic. Hence one of them sacrifices itself and takes the form of a popular female singer. It/she warns mankind that a meteor will crash on Earth. While the approaching meteor causes hotter and hotter weather, mankind runs and builds a last-chance anti-meteor weapon.

Rocketship X-M – 1950

Destination Moon (1950) – Full Movie

One of the first science fiction films to attempt a high level of accurate technical detail tells the story of the first trip to the Moon.

Tobor the Great (1954)

A young boy-genius befriends his grandfather’s robot, designed as a test pilot for space travel and coveted by foreign spies.


The Brain from Planet Arous (1957)

Gor, a powerful criminal brain from the planet Arous, assumes the body of scientist Steve March. Through March, he begins to control the world by threatening destruction to any country challenging his domination. Another brain, Val, works with March’s future wife Sally to defeat Gor.

Invasion of the Saucer Men

A spaceship lands in the woods. A teenage couple, Johnny Carter (Steven Terrell) and Joan Haydon (Gloria Castillo), driving down lover’s lane without headlights, accidentally run down one of the aliens. Joe Gruen (Frank Gorshin) a drunken opportunist, comes across the alien’s corpse. He plans to keep the body in his fridge, but the aliens arrive and kill him by injecting alcohol into his veins via their hypodermic fingernails. Having reported their close encounter to the police, Johnny and Joan return with the Sheriff, only to find Joe’s body in place of the alien. The police plan to charge them with manslaughter. Meanwhile the dead alien’s hand detaches itself, grows an eye, and runs amok. The military, following a UFO report, are soon involved. They surround the alien’s spaceship, but in the end it is the teenagers who defeat the aliens when they discover that they cannot stand the glare from their car headlights.


The Crawling Eye – 1958

A series of decapitations on a Swiss mountainside appear to be connected to a mysterious radioactive cloud

Fiend Without a Face – 1958

SEE the terrible consequences of “nuclear radar!” SEE the horrible invisible monsters finally revealed in the awesome climax! SEE Marshall Thompson fight back with a straight face! SEE yet another strong female character reduced to cowering in terror while the men folk take care of things! 


Marshall Thompson just the guy we need, he also starred in It terror from beyond Space, another all time favorite of mine.

This is a great sci-fi horror film for the #Halloween season. Crawling brains that leap up to attach themselves to their victim’s neck? Okay!

Unknown World – 1951

To escape imminent nuclear war, a group of scientist take their mole machine to the center of the Earth only to discover a mysterious world full of it’s own dangers. Starring Bruce Kellogg, Marilyn Nash, Jim Bannon and Otto Waldis.


This one would have been better in color, but I still like it.

Wow, what an awesome gem! : ) Thank you for sharing.

Teenagers From Outer Space – 1959

 A young alien (David Love) falls for a pretty teenage Earth girl (Dawn Anderson) and they team up to try to stop the plans of his invading cohorts, who intend to use Earth as a food-breeding ground for giant lobsters from their planet. The invaders, who arrive in a flying saucer, carry deadly ray guns that turn Earth-people into skeletons.


Don’t watch alone….very scary movie…

She never listens to him, he says “stay there and you will be safe”   and she always moves.  this is typical of movies where the man is trying to protect the woman , then she falls down.

Red Planet Mars – 1952


Another film from back in da day. 😉 That details CODED messages being communicated from Mars to Earth, and a conspiracy to try to keep it covered up by a DECEIVER WITH HIS OWN AGENDA!! This also will be discussed in my book CONSPIRACY OF RICHARD HOAGLAND AND THE FACES OF MARS! 😉 

Hot damm another peter graves classic.

Nineteen Eighty-Four – 1956

Nineteen Eighty-Four (mostly written 1984) is a 1948 dystopian fiction written by George Orwell (Eric Arthur Blair), about a society ruled by an oligarchical dictatorship. The Oceanian province of Airstrip One is a world of perpetual war, pervasive government surveillance, and incessant public mind control. Oceania is
ruled by a political party called simply The Party. The individual is always subordinated to the state, and it is in part this philosophy which allows the Party to manipulate and control humanity. In the Ministry of Truth, protagonist
Winston Smith is a civil servant responsible for perpetuating the Party’s propaganda by revising historical records to render the Party omniscient and always correct, yet his meager existence disillusions him to the point of seeking rebellion against Big Brother. 

The Last Man on Earth (1964)

The Last Man on Earth (Italian: L’ultimo uomo della Terra) is a 1964 science-fiction horror film based on the 1954 Richard Matheson novel I Am Legend. The film was directed by Ubaldo Ragona and Sidney Salkow, and stars Vincent Price.

Indestructible Man – 1956

Indestructible Man (1956) is an American black-and-white science fiction film, an original screenplay by Vy Russell and Sue Dwiggins for producer-director Jack Pollexfen and starring Lon Chaney, Jr.. It was produced independently, and picked up after completion for distribution in the United States by Allied Artists Pictures Corporation. It is somewhat of a remake of Chaney’s 1941 film, Man Made Monster and owes much to Frankenstein. It was later featured in the fourth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, alongside chapter two of the Ray “Crash” Corrigan Undersea Kingdom serial.


Even a man, who is pure in heart can become ……………..Lon Chaney!

How many times I watched this film on TWILIGHT MOVIE IN THE 60s  haha-Still holds up considering the shoestring budget-Thanks for posting.

Wow, what an ending.

The Day Mars Invaded Earth – 1963

(OK – this is after the 50s but it’s B&W, so it’s almost the same…)

X The Unknown – 1956

Radioactive mud-like creature terrorizes a Scottish village during the 1950’s.


This is a wonderful Sci-Fi from 1956.  I do wish it had been a longer series – like the Quatermass series of the same era.  There are several scenes and ideas that, given more time to delve into – would have made this a super-great movie of it’s time.  The BEST thing is the monster element [like “The Blob”].  We all can see how Cheesy and Hokey the special effects are here.  But this is the kind of movie where we don’t really Have to see the Blob.  And keeping in mind that CGI Effects were still decades away when they made this.  So – The Blob was Great !!. 

Cool old movie, to me it feels like the fourth instalment in the Quatermass series? Great quality print too.

Not of This Earth – 1957


This is by far my favorite Roger Corman production. Paul Birch and Beverly Garland are at their best and the horror and unintentional(?) humor are low key and very effective. Thanks for posting! A+.

Hardly no action in this sci-fi,however it was very suspenseful and kept my interest, and that drink that Johnson took….could be the “CURE-ALL” to EVERYTHING NOW in 2014.  Very interesting!!

Beyond The Time Barrier – 1960

And from Television…

An episode of Tom Corbett Space Cadet – Monster of Space – Suggested by Hal Whelply 

Phantom From 10,000 Legues

An unusual radioactive rock on the sea bottom mutates the ocean life into a horrible monster. When charred, radioactive bodies begin to drift ashore a scientist and government agent investigate the phenomenon, and it’s connection to a local marine biology professor.


I suppose it’s NOT all that bad. The monster suit is quite amusing.

Plan 9 From Outer Space – 1959

Yes… Really…

“Plan 9 from Outer Space” is a 1959 science fiction film written and directed by Edward D. Wood, Jr. The film features Gregory Walcott, Mona McKinnon, Tor Johnson, Maila “Vampira” Nurmi, and Bela Lugosi.


Did anyone else come here after seeing Ed Wood?

Hmm, so apparently, this is regarded as the worst movie ever made, but I swear I have seen worse movies.  I mean, has anyone seen Battlefield Earth by chance???

This is the greatest movie of all time.

What could possibly be worse, you ask?

Did somebody say “Robot Monster”? – 1953


This one makes “Plan 9 From Outer Space” look like Citizen Kane. Shot in four days for peanuts. If you like ’em so-bad-they’re-good then check this out…

This is actually one of my personal favorite movies because it’s so bad it’s AWESOME!

I am totally jazzed that I found this one! One of my favorites when I was a kid – 

Radar Men of the Moon – Commando Cody – 1952

Radar Men from the Moon is Republic Pictures’ first Commando Cody 12-chapter movie serial, filmed in 1952, and starring newcomer George Wallace as Cody, Aline Towne as his sidekick Joan Gilbert, and serial veteran Roy Barcroft as the evil Retik, the Ruler of the Moon. The director was Fred C. Brannon, with a screenplay by Ronald Davidson, and special effects by the Lydecker brothers. It was later released by Republic in 1966 as the 100-minute television film Retik the Moon Menace.

The odd naming choice of the serial’s main hero, “Commando Cody,” was possibly an attempt by Republic to make young audiences think they were seeing another adventure of Commander Corry, the hero of the popular ABC TV and radio series Space Patrol (1950–1955). There is, however, no surviving evidence that this was a consideration by anyone at Republic. [2]

Radar Men from the Moon’s first chapter spawned the period expression “Atomic activity on the Moon, atomic blast on the Earth” (uttered by Henderson when telling scientists of the government’s research findings).


I remember seeing this on TV and saying “Holy cow! That guy is the Lone Ranger!”

Clayton Moore played villain henchmen before the Lone Ranger.

I love these old science fiction serials because it doesn’t have modern CGI or big budget expenses and major stars. You must remember that this was during the cold war era and the conservative 1950s when technology was in its infancy.

Cat Women of the Moon – 1953


I like that the woman brought cigarettes with her on the moon walk.

This was a pretty good cast, too.  They must have all fired their agents after this stinkbomb reached the theaters.

I miss the days when gym lockers and desk chairs were instrumental in getting people to the moon.
“What… who… moon rocket is that you?”


The Snow Creature – 1954

The Snow Creature is a 1954 black-and-white sci-fi monster movie produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder, written by Myles Wilder, and starring Paul Langton and Leslie Denison.


Japanese Sherpa’s, non-stop flight from LA to Mumbai in a prop driven plane, looking for new plants above the Alpine zone, a drunken photographer, and a guy with a white carpet glued to him, it’s gotta be good! lol

The snow creature would be Frosty; you can make him yourself in your own front yard. Weather permitting, of course.

The Alligator People

Menace from Outer Space – 1956

Menace from Outer Space is a 1956 science fiction adventure film starring Richard Crane, Scotty Beckett, and Sally Mansfield. The film was created from several episodes of the television show Rocky Jones, Space Ranger.


WHAT IN THE NAME OF SPACE IS this.With Venus,Bobby,and Winky on board,the earth is safe from anyone.right?

 The Day the Sky Exploded – 1958

Regarded as the first Italian scifi film, The Day the Sky Exploded tells how scientists discover that a group of meteors are hurtling on a collision course with Earth, causing global scale disasters: tidal waves, wind, fire storms and earthquakes.


The effects at the end are worth the whole movie.

I laugh everytime there’s a crowd scene you can hear the same woman’s shriek…so they must have had the crowd scene noises on a loop.

Space Master X7 – 1958

A space probe returns to Earth covered with a strange fungus. The fungus is accidentally tinged with human blood and is transformed into an ever-growing pile of space rust, dubbed “Blood Rust”. It is up to John Hand and Joe Rattigan to find the one woman who can stop the rust from spreading and taking over the world.


This film was quite good, much better than I expected. The title is misleading. Basically a creature feature, warning the already paranoid 1950’s American public, of the dangers of importing foreign organisms onto U.S soil. But why they gotta pick on Mars- all the the time eludes me. That planet has done NO harm – except provide venue for bad Sci Fi. Flicks and Cheap “Astrologers” telling you your Horoscope. Mexico is probably ten thousand times worse than Mars will ever be !!!

First Spaceship On Venus – 1960 (Just beyond the ’50’s)

In the future year of 1985, the discovery of an alien artifact warrants an exploratory mission to Venus. On the second planet from the sun, the Earthlings make a shocking discovery, and a warning for the future. Originally a German/Polish production, this badly dubbed American version still features startling original visual effects and production design. Once featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Even though loaded with good intentions and having some semblance of being real, sci-fi movies like this don’t age well. The plot is so embedded within the pseudo-science of the time and having little character interest or sense of mystery in the plot that the movie ends up being not much more entertaining than a Jam Handy training video. Unfortunate for how much effort was put into production.

Scifi with a brain. You can feel the Lem all over it, although he disowned it. Truly epic production for its time, and the GDR for that matter. Also, it carries the little known Milestone of featuring the first ever black man in outer space in a scifi movie.

This was an outstanding film for the era, with its combination of imaginative ideas and colorful settings.  Something is lost to cgi.

Caltiki – The Immortal Monster – 1960


Each country deserves its own monster.
Mexico has Caltiki.
Japan – Godzilla.
Korea – Yongary.
England – Gorgo.
Denmark – Reptilicus
America – King Kong (or Kim Kardashian)

i saw this as a kid in new york on chiller theater.  i’ve been looking for this one for a long time.  thanx uploader!  ironic how the blob is stopped by cold and caltiki by heat.  i LOVE b (actually c or d) horror movies. happy to see so many out there young and old who appreciate bad cinema. love you guys!

Destination space(TV Pilot) – 1959

This pilot was produced by CBS in 1959 but unfortunately it never materialized into a series. Features veteran actor Harry Townes, John Agar and Edward Platt from Get Smart. This film entered the public domain in 1987 from lack of copyright renewal.


the space plane to the wheel space station by simply leaping across a vast stretch of space without any little rocket thrusters to direct them (this bizarre technique was also used in “Assignment Outer Space”).  Also, several technical errors like when the moon spaceship’s nuclear reactor is getting ready to explode and we hear a voice saying to pull the control rods out as quick as possible!  Lol!  Yeah, that will solve the problem…BOOM!

Thanks for the upload. I’d heard of this in the context of its reuse of the “Conquest of Space” effects sequences. Since I’ve always thought of that as a movie with great effects sold out by a horrid script, it’s nice to see them used effectively here.

The Robot Vs. The Aztec Mummy – 1958

The evil Dr. Krupp (Luis Aceves Castañeda), also known as “The Bat”, plots to steal a valuable Aztec treasure from the tomb of a centuries-old living mummy, Popoca (Angel di Stefani). Krupp builds a robot to defeat the mummy. Krupp’s former colleague Dr. Eduardo Almada (Ramón Gay) and associates work to stop the mad scientist from creating his robot.


Only at 3:24 and I’m already impressed – seems like they were going for the Guinness world record for movie script speed-reading!

I guess I should have known better than to expect a fight between a machine and a corpse to be “lively”.  I bet this is where they got the idea for those “Robots vs Zombies” books.

Ridiculous, silly and brilliant all at the same time. So bad that it’s very good indeed.

Assignment Outer Space – 1960

Space Men is a 1960 science fiction film starring Rik Van Nutter and directed by Antonio Margheriti. It follows an assignment by Interplanetary News reporter Ray Peterson aboard a space station in the 21st century.

Original titled SPACE MEN but released in the USA as ASSIGNMENT OUTER SPACE, this is a 1960 science fiction film starring Rik Van Nutter (gotta love that name!) and directed by Antonio Margheriti and produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff.

It follows an assignment by Interplanetary News reporter Ray Peterson aboard a space station in the 21st century. Despite problems with the base commander, he is eventually responsible for stopping a space ship which threatens to destroy the Earth.

It was director Antonio Margheriti’s first assignment, and this film showed what quality he could deliver while working with a minuscule budget.

This film is interesting for having a black protagonist, American choreographer, Archie Savage, in a pivotal role. It reminds us of FIRST MEN ON VENUS, the film based on the classic Lem story, its full of library music and science waffle, but a really interesting watch, trying hard to feel ‘factual’

Comments: Took these from two postings because the first one had disabled embedding..

I watched this on my electric brain ……..

I find my self watching this once a year.

A time travel movie, no doubt. It’s from 2016, just a year away………..whewwwww how cool.

Special magnetic boots? Haha they just couldn’t pull off the weightlessness effect so they had to come up with a clever excuse

The Brain Eaters – 1958

Strange things are happening in Riverdale Illinois. A huge seemingly alien structure has been found jutting out of the earth. Sent to investigate the origin of the mysterious object Senator Walter Powers discovers that parasites from the center of the earth have infiltrated the town taking control of the authorities and workers making communication with the outside world impossible and leaving the responsibility of stopping the invasion up to Powers and a small group of free individuals. Not just bad it’s Mondo bad.


Valeu !!! Mais um para minha lista. Esse longa conta com a produção de Roger Corman…

IMO – the movie is worthless.

Leonard NEMOY????

Space Probe Taurus – 1965


Funny how the 2 astronauts Jump into lifeless,weithless gravity from the alien space craft,as if they were going to dive into a swiming pool,with that aquadiving equipment as well….LOL…if the roquet door was already open,they would already been flotating free inside that opening in sideral space….

This one escaped me. Fifteen years after the far superior Destination Moon, This space adventure was just what  matinee’s were all about, Monsters Spacemen, Rockets, and a Meteor attack.  along with some smooching that gave you enough time to run to the bathroom and back and not miss anything good.
“Did I miss anything?”  
  Imagine if you will, that 2001, opened three years later. 

Nosferatu – 1922

Originally released in 1922 as Nosferatu, Eine Symphonie Des Grauens, director F.W. Murnau’s chilling and eerie adaption of Stoker’s Dracula is a silent masterpiece of terror which to this day is the most striking and frightening portrayal of the legend.

Attack from Space (TV) – 1965

Ahhhh… Starman…

Benevolent aliens from the planet Emerald send superhero Starman to protect Earth from invasion by an evil alien race called the Spherions. When Starman arrives on Earth, he discovers a conspiracy involving Earth’s top scientists, and he must root out the traitors and also stop the impending alien invasion. 


Although the dialog is sometimes hilarious, the voice acting is very good, and the sets and cinematography are surprisingly excellent.  Starman’s running quick-change is awesome 🙂  However… I can’t believe those engineers didn’t have a single extra solenoid on hand XD  Is this the first appearance of the Death Star??  Favorite line: “I KNOW IT!”  To get best enjoyment from this movie, put brain in neutral and let your eyes do most of the work 😉

The high council of the Emerald Planet, shown at the beginning of the movie, have freaked me out for decades.

No human mind was used in the production of this movie.

Silver Needle In The Sky (Rocky Jones, Space Ranger) – 1954

Rocky Jones and his happy-go-lucky crew must escort a group of space ambassadors to an interplanetary peace conference on space station X-07. Miffed that she hasn’t been extended an invitation, wicked Cleolanta of Ophesius plots to abduct the ambassadors and use them to secure the release of two of her men who are being held for trial on Earth.  


Gotta smile while watching these. While I took every sci-fi show movie, book, comic etc. very serious  50 years ago, today I jus smile.  As they boldly’ looked at the future, they did so without violating the stereo typing of the day.

Atomic Rulers (Starman) – 1965

Super criminals are planning to infiltrate Earth with mass nuclear destruction! Only Starman can defend civilization by thwarting evil!


Though it starts out just about the same as Attack From Space, give it about 3 minutes…

The plane was flying so slow that Starmans cape didn’t flutter,and his hat stayed on his head.He must have been able to project a protective bubble around himself.The Emrald men must MUST TALK  thru telepathy,they just kept moving their little arms up and down,the star kept turning back aND forth,and their little eyes kept up the blinking sequence,truly an advanced civilization. 
4D Man – 1959Every time a scientist (Robert Lansing) penetrates matter he drains his life-force, which must be replaced. Initial release: October 7, 1959 Director: Irvin Yeaworth
Twelve To The Moon – 1960Comments:Too many characters to keep track of.  Couldn’t they have made it Five or Six To The Moon or something?  Is it just me or do those helmets have no face masks?  giggle/snort/guffaw  Did anyone notice they used beach lounge chairs to take off in?I’ve never seen this one before.  Actually, the props look pretty good.  But, no face plates on their helmets?  Guess it was causing problems with their boom mic picking up the actors’ voices.  The message of the film is simple.  When we encounter life in outer space, it may initially fear us, but will befriend us once it realizes that humans are basically good hearted.  Worth a view.And now… Behold!
The Monster of Piedras Blancas – 1959A superstitious, old lighthouse keeper leaves food for the creature of the title. What’s the worst that could happen? Wacky, rubber-suit monster fun featuring one of the most notorious sequences of the era showing the creature wandering around with a decapitated head. Comments:”OK, take the bodies over to the grocer and have him store ’em in the meat locker. Oh, and while you’re there get me two pounds of liver…”  Really gotta watch the butcher department over at Kocheck’s.So much better than the over complicated plot lines and over used cgi films of today. Looking forward to finding more like this!!@6:15″Curt will bring me”…Curt with the blank stare, yes, every father’s hope for their daughter.  
The Killer Shrews The Killer Shrews. A mad scientist conducts experiments on shrinking human beings but only succeeds in creating man-eating giant shrews.   Comments:The effects in this picture are certainly not the greatest, but I think this really is a good and suspenseful movie.James Best was a very good actor and he made this film watchable, this is the film that turned him into a shrewd actor!I went to the mall today and bought some killer shoes, is that like the same thing?
The Wasp Woman – 1959 The Wasp Woman (1959). A cosmetics scientist develops a youth formula using the secretions of wasps. Unfortunately, there are side effects. Comments:All they had to do was open a can of coke and drop a glass over her when she landed.Why shut down the project ? She looked wonderful; the hair on her antennae  glistened with such a healthy  black sheen and her mandible was so strong yet femmine. The very picture of regal perfection.
Beast From Haunted Cave – 1959Beast from Haunted Cave (1959). A group of thieves arrives in Deadwood, South Dakota to rob a bank. Searching for shelter during a snowstorm, they end up in a cave inhabited by a giant spider. Directed by Monte Hellman. Comments:Entertaining thank you for uploading the movie.huh

The House On Haunted Hill – 1959A group is invited to stay in a haunted mansion. Anyone who can survive the whole night wins $10,000. Comments:It’s hard to properly judge an older film against what is now produced.  Nonetheless, one of the best ‘scary’ movies ever made.Some more  #VincentPrice  for essential #Halloween viewing. Did Vinnie and #BarbaraSteele  ever make a pic together? That would have been the ultimate  #horror movie!

Creature From The Haunted Sea – 1961Comments:”nobody panic. The boat is insured”
The Day Of The Triffids – 1962In nature’s scheme of things, there are certain plants which are carnivorous, or eating plants. The Venus Fly Trap is one of the best known of these plants. A fly drawn to the plant by its sweet syrup, brushes against triggered bristles. Just how these plants digest their pray has yet to be explained. There is much still to learn about these fascinating eating plants. This is a newcomer: Triffidus Celestus, brought to earth on the meteorite during the Day of the Triffids.Comments:Pfffft. Anyone who has seen Night Of The Comet just knows you don’t go out to watch a meteor shower. You instead hide yourself away. Preferably in a place with all steel walls and ceiling. And then later try to avoid the comet zombies. Or triffids.For the 1960’s, something FAR more horrifying would be an entire fleet of rampaging Chevrolet Corvairs from Outer Space! Could be titled, “Unsafe on Any Planet” // lolIf you could put aside the wonky FX this was a most engrossing film, with a masterful title score by Ron Goodwin.
The Lost World – 1926Comments:This 1926 silent film was cutting edge special effects in its day. It even had name stars like Wallace Beery and Lewis Stone. I can imagine the 1926 audience shouting during the film “lookout fer the dinosaur” because they get so caught up in its reality.work of art. Great movie
Voyage To The Prehistoric PlanetAstronauts land on Venus and confront all kinds of prehistoric creatures and plants. Roger Corman acquired the Russian science fiction picture, Planeta Bur (Planet of the Storms), cut it, wrote new dialog, dubbed it, and cast Basil Rathbone in some new English language scenes. This version has since fallen into the public domain. The special effects and design are outstanding.—————Shame this isn’t a little better quality but I remember seeing this once as a teen in the early 70. I haven’t seen it since. Pity as is is a great hard sci_fi film. The robot and the car are the things I remember most from then. The Americanized version is no different than what was done with the real Godzilla movies when they were Americanized, so no reason to get your panties in a uproar because it’s not the original version. Still a fun movie.
The Giant Claw 1957The Giant Claw is not the most captivating of the classic 1950s “giant monster running amok” movies, but it must be seen exclusively for the fact that it features the goofiest-looking movie monster of all time. This thing—this “antimatter space buzzard,” as it is eventually called—is so laughably stupid that it’s hard to believe they actually chose to feature it so extensively in the trailer rather than hiding it from sight. The poor actors weren’t even aware of how incredibly lame the monster would be until they saw the completed film, and by then it was too late. The Giant Claw stands as a classic example of 1950s drive-in cheese.

Links to other Si-Fi/Horror movies:

The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms:


The Earth Dies Screaming


The Lost Missile 1958

Riders To The Stars 1954

Killers From Space 1954

An atomic scientist claims he was abducted by aliens after being injured in a plane crash.

It Conquered The World 1956

War Of The Satellites 1958


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