Conversations With Judy: Episode 31: Nevermind

Background:   This morning, as Judy was preparing to leave for work, she was removing things from the drink drawer in our refrigerator for the purpose of including them in her lunch bag. It was while dong so that she realized that she was running short of water bottles. Meanwhile, I was heavily involved, chomping  on a small quantity of a Sausage and Cheese Hot Pocket. This required a lot of focus on my part. She turned to me, speaking…

Judy: “Can you get me a – oh – nevermind.”

Bill: “Of course! I will be happy to nevermind. I excell at ‘neverminding’! It’s actually one of my favorite things to do! And, I must say, I think I nevermind better than most other guys! Im really GOOD at it! Nobody can nevermind like I can! Thank you for the opportunity to do so, now!”

Two minutes later…

Judy: “Can you put four bottles of water into the drink drawer for me, please?”

Bill: “Oh, I am sooo sorry. I am busy neverminding right now. Can you call me from work and remind me after a couple of hours? I should be done by then.”

Judy: “Nevermind.”