Random Thoughts – What’s The Big Deal?

Can somebody please explain to me why I’m hooked on Facebook? I don’t get it… Really – I don’t know why I’m so engrossed with it, but I sorta am..

I cant wait to log in and find out that Joe Smith has just trimmed his nose hairs, Susie Trockmorton is wondering why the 9 month old bacon in her refrigerator is green and Sam Gubacti can’t think of anything to write in his “What’s On Your Mind” status update, so he’s just writing to say that he can’t think of anything to write.

My own last status update was an announcement that I had just used my neti pot. Dear God, what’s wrong with me? the next thing I know I’ll be letting people know that I’m having a problem deciding whether to wear my black socks with the white stripes or my white socks with the black stripes.

Hmmm.. Maybe I should just ask a zebra…


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