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Hey there! 

Welcome to my blog site! 

Links to all of the pages are found at the bottom of this page…

You’ll find some of my songs here, as well as the ongoing biography of my Musical Life.  Some of the songs are from my early days of trying to figure out how to record and some are more recent. They all have a story behind them, and I will be filling that out as time goes by. 

Most of the songs are of a spiritual nature, and were written for the kids at Church.  Some of them were written just because I was inspired to write them out of the blue, or because someone asked for me to do so.  If you are so inclined, you can listen to them by clicking on the “Songs with A Spiritual Bent”  link at the bottom.

Some others are just for fun. You can find them under “Songs to satisfy the Rocker in me”  at the bottom.

None of the recordings are “studio” recordings.  They are demos that I recorded using the computer I put together (read that “purchased”) specifally for that purpose and using a program called Cakewalk.

The Biography has proven to be pretty popular, and is written in chapters – It may go on forever or it may stop next week.  But no matter how long it goes on, people are having fun with it.  Disclaimer:  The bio is from my memory, and I may have a few details wrong, but by and large it’s pretty accurate. Same story – link at the bottom…

If you are a guitar player, especially if you started as a kid, you might relate to some of the stuff in the Bio.

I’ve also started a page with some of my favorite youtube music videos – be sure to check them out.  I’ll be changing them around every so often…  Hmmm… Where’s that link… Oh yeah – at the bottom…

Also some Fun videos – Short stories, old movie trailers, etc.  Film at 11.  I mean, link at the bottom…

AND stuff that inspires me… Link just below the second from the bottom link…

 If you find anything  you enjoy in here, please feel free to share it with your family and friends – (I actually started this for MY family and friends).

Bio Pages:

Non-bio musings:

Songs with a spiritual bent:

Songs to satisfy the rocker in me:

Fun Videos:

Some favorite youtube music videos:

Stuff that inspires me:

The songs are in MP3 format.  They are all copyrighted, however you are welcome to listen and/or download them if you like. At this time there is no charge to do so, but I reserve the right to change that policy in the future. I do not grant permission to sell, or otherwise distribute for profit, any original music or written material on this site, or any sites linked to this site.

If you would like to contact me directly, my email address is (Just click on it):

You can also use this address to subscribe or unsubscribe to my update notifications.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoy your visit! 

Bill K.

Copyright 2008 Bill Kammerer

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