Cow Facts Trilogy – Part Two (2)…

Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted 12/21/08

This will be mercifully short…

Response to “Cow Facts…” has been unexpectedly strong, and of high quantity. Therefore, I have decided two things

  • I will continue to publish my thoughts on cows, albeit with shorter entries (probably, though not for sure, inserted somewhere within the contents of my eternal Bio. I am even in the process of devising a “contest” of sorts, complete with FREE prizes (of sorts)… But I’ll get to that at a later time, after I have fleshed out all of the details).
  • In the interest of better serving you, my loyal reader, I have implemented a special survey designed to help me figure out exactly what I’m dealing with here…

Once I have determined our level of proficiency regarding the fascinating world of cows, I will better be able to fashion my writings in ways most unimaginable to you, and to the world in general… Armed with the basic information to be gleaned from my survey, I will take the lead as we, as a single cohesive unit – C.O.W.S., march forward into history.

…I intend to make this the premier cow information site available in the immediate universe.

But first, the survey…

To take the survey, click on the URL below…

Select the one that most applies to your experience/knowledge of cows
( surveys)
By the way, Judy was on her way to work and spied a herd of cows… She stopped on the side of the road and actually took pictures… Upon close inspection of one of the photos, I discovered that she had found the answer to a mystery long ago forgotten…

45 Year Old Mystery Solved!!!
45 Year Old Mystery Solved!!!

To go to “Cow Facts…Cow Pie In The Sky”, click on this link:

To proceed to Cow Facts 3, click here…


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