Testing, Testing and Happy (Belated) Anniversary…

Well, a RARE experience here for y’all – something relatively serious (or at least heart felt) from me (On this blog site, anyway)- really…

A couple of days ago I started installing my replacement recording studio equipment (you may remember that the house burned down last year, and took about everything with it). I still haven’t finished, but I wanted to test what I had figured out up to that point. Basically, I got the microphones and monitors working. I haven’t figured out GarageBand, yet, but I was able to test using Photo Booth. 

Judy and I had planned to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary back in July with our family and some friends, but I ended up pretty nearly dying in the hospital for a few weeks, beginning on our anniversary – plans messed up.

Here we are in November, and I’m just about almost nearly back to normal and Judy baked the cake she had planned on baking for the event, last week, and we had our own celebration. As it happened, that was a couple of days before I picked up a guitar for just about the first time in just about forever and got up the energy to set this thing up, so I decided to test it with one of her favorite songs from John Denver..

Happy Anniversary, Judy…

Fingers still recovering… 🙂


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