About Me…

We have this new thing at work called “Chatter”, through SalesForce.com. It’s a lot like Facebook, only it’s restricted to the company. And, since we get to play on it during work hours, we also get paid to do so. 

I have just completed my “About me” section, and I thought you might like to know more “about me”… 

Started with the company formerly known as Hypercom on May 15, 2000. Prior to that, I was with National Bankcard Association (DBA Electronic Processing) in San Diego for 14 years.

I like quiet evenings, long walks on the beach or hiking in Yosemite Valley, soft music, and enjoying romantic evenings sipping Carnation Instant Breakfast through a straw while lying in a medically induced stupor in a hospital bed.

And I have grey hair.

And almost no sense of humor whatsoever.

I am starting a pool for those who want to take a guess how long it will be before I am asked to change my profile…


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