Are You Ready For Some Football? My Super Bowl Pick…

Friend: “So, Bill, who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?”

Me:  “You mean, ‘who do I want to win it’?”

Friend:  “Yes, who do you want to win the Super Bowl?”

Me:  “The 49ers.”

Friend:  “Uh… You do realize that they aren’t in the Super Bowl this year, don’t you?”

Me:  “Yes. But you didn’t ask me who was in it, you asked me who I wanted to win it. The fact that the 49ers aren’t playing doesn’t change the fact that I want them to win it.”

Friend:  “OK. Of the two teams who are actually playing, who do you want to win?”

Me:  “The Broncos.”

Friend: “Seriously? The Broncos? They are AFC! If you’re a 49er fan, you should be rooting for the NFC team – the Seahawks!”

Me:  “I’m also a Chargers fan, and they are AFC.”

Friend:  “But they aren’t playing, either.”

Me:  “That’s right. And if they were, they would be horribly massacred.”

Friend:  “So?”

Me:  “So that makes them the underdog, and I like rooting for the underdog – unless the 49ers are the overdog.”

Friend:  “But -“

Me:  “And since the Chargers aren’t in it to get massacred, and the 49ers aren’t in it to massacre them, I have to go for the next best thing and root for the surrogate underdog.”

Friend:  “But the Broncos are favored by two points – they  aren’t the underdog.”

Me:  “But they are AFC along with the Chargers.”

Friend:  “That makes no sense. It’s illogical.”

Me:  “It’s football. When did football fans become logical?”


Go Broncos!


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