Conversations With Judy – Episode 26: No Uncertain Terms

A few minutes ago, I happened upon my beloved wife, in whom I am well pleased, sitting at her computer. The screen was filled with a lot of columns with a lot of medical looking terms, many of which I – for reasons unknown to me – did not recognize. I thought it was interesting because a few of them had a medical looking term followed by a mathematical looking symbol – which I DID recognize as your common, everyday household number (Like 1 or 2 or 7,000,023,194,586.01). This intrigued me, so, as I am want to do, I immediately struck up a friendly conversation (of which we have many)…

Bill: “That looks interesting. What is it?”

Judy: “I have my annual physical on Monday, and I’m doing the pre-check-in questionnaire online. This is my medical history page. I’m glad they let you do this because it looks like it will save a lot of time when I go in for my appointment.”

Bill, scanning the displayed medical looking terminology and picking one out for explanation: “Hmmm… That’s pretty cool. So, what’s ‘Stridor?” 

Judy: “It’s kind of a harsh vibrating noise when you breathe.”

B: “Well, you don’t seem to have that, so that’s a good thing, right? What is ‘Polydipsia’?”

J: “Well, it’s when you are always really thirsty.”

B: “You don’t seem to have that problem. Good.” Continuing my perusal, “What’s ‘Menarshay (my pronunciation)?”

J: “You mean ‘Menarche? (Menarkay’ – actual pronunciation) “

B: “Is that how you say it? Yeah, what’s that?”

J: “Well, that’s the age at which a girl has her first period.”

B: “Oh, OK.” I continued, “Well I’ve never had a period, but I’ve had a lot of exclamation points, question marks and far more than my share of commas.”

J: “That would be under Psychiatric Care…”


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