The Guitar Wall, Or Just, “The Wall” – The Motion Picture

June 16, 2009

You’ve Seen the pictures!

You’ve read the comments!

You’ve been dazzled by the beauty of the printed imagery of one of the wonders of the modern age!

Now watch as the entire escapade comes to life before your very eyes in a new Major Motion Picture!

THE ACTION PACKED adventure through the South end of my office!

SEE – the instruments that never made me famous!

HEAR – the heart thumping narrative as you are guided through the deepest and darkest mysteries of my Inner Sanctum!

MARVEL – at the sight of what is actually the Neat and Clean part of my World Headquarters!

NOTICE – that I never point the camera in the other direction, for fear that the fire inspector might see it and come to pay me a visit!

A FULL 39 seconds in the making!

‘The Guitar Wall, Or Just, “The Wall” – The Motion Picture’

See it soon…

“YOU WILL BELIEVE a man can drill a hole in a wall and make something stick there…with a relatively minimal use of Spackle…” – Judy Kammerer


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