The Pool Diaries

Day 1 –

This pool is a test. This is only a test. If this had been an acutal pool, it would have come with a pool man… Or a pool woman… Or a pool kid… Or even a skimmer with a pole…

Day 2 –

Why does the water in the pool look like it was put there by a herd of incontinent horses?

Day 3 –

The leak seems to have abated a bit.. I wonder if there is a way to apply a patch under water… I have invented a way in my mind… All I need is a large tupperware container, some glue, some gasket material, a saw and some duct tape…

Judy just got home and asked me if the leak has stopped… It’s more of a long damp streak now…

Day 4 –

I just tested the new skimmer with the four’ telescoping handle… I skimmed up three dead grasshoppers, four leaves and some other as yet unknown type of bug… I’m excited…

Day 5 –

I have discovered that there are actually two deep ends of the pool… There seems to be some sort of hump in the middle… I wonder if it’s one of the horses… Serves it right…

Day 6 – The filter has been running for four days straight… Two and a half days with chlorine … The water doesn’t seem quite as yellow this morning… Seems to have a slightly greenish tinge to it… Does anybody know if that’s a good thing?

I put a second gallon of chlorine into the pool… I may have to actually get into the thing tomorrow to test it out…

Day 7 – I got into the puddle at about 11:00 PM and swam around (yes, I figured a way to swim in circles) for about 20 minutes.

And yes, I wore swim trunks.

Day 8 – Turned the filter back on. Added a little more water… Must be because I was thirsty at the time.


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