The Action Me – Verse One: A Man Of Action

Well, hello again, readers.. It is me, back for another bout of How To Live A Successful Life. This time, we are going to discuss the special benefits of Action over Words.

You know, you may be one of the very incredibly few people living in this quadrant of the galaxy who realizes that I am not much of a talker. I am, in fact, a man of few, if any, words.

That is because, you see, words do not, in actual reality, accomplish anything, if anything, at all. Really.

“So,” you ask (and if you are not asking, please do so immediately), “of what do you speak in such abbreviated fashion?”

Be still, and I will attempt to put it across to you in the very teensy-tiniest most minute quantity of words as is humanly possible, given the fact that I am, of course, loath to utilize any inordinate amount of verbosity in the explanation of the secrets of shutting up and getting things done.

“Action!” Yes, I say “Action”, my friend…

“Action” is what will get us from the very beginning all the way to the very end…

What world needs is “Action”! “Action” is what we need!

And, that being the case, I must now confess, in as few words a possible, that the reason I am nearly always silent in my demeanor is that, as a matter of fact, I am a…

Man Of Action…

Alas, it is true….

I know, I know.. You thought I was just the quiet type.. Shy, soft spoken and, perhaps, just a bit introverted. Quite possibly you believed that I was, to put it delicately, unable to string together more than two or three letter written statements or responses to questions or statements posed to me in any social or business situation.

Well, I can now come out of the closet and assure you that none of that is, in reality, true at all. Behind all of the “reserved” mannerisms you are accustomed to seeing (or reading, as the case may be) exhibited by me exists a veritable level five hurricane of activity. Always…

That’s because I understand that words without action mean nothing, but action without words means you don’t have to talk a lot to be understood and respected.

Consider this… Have all of the words in the history of human speech and writing ever accomplished anything?

NO! Only when words are backed up with action has anything ever been accomplished.

Words can educate us. Words can inform us. Words can even inspire us. But there is nothing so useless as unused knowledge or inspiration. And there is none so inactive as one who will not act!

And that is why I am a Man Of Action…

You do not believe me? Well let me prove it to you right now by taking action to alleviate your doubts…

One of the finest examples of how I am a constant flurry of activity – a blur of perpetual motion, as it were – that I can think of goes like this:

In stead of talking about taking a nap, I would much rather just spring into action and do it.



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