The Photographer Me: Chapter Three – After The Storm

Hello again, Gentle Reader,

Today’s subject is a continuation of my new found photo addiction, this time featuring the catastrophic effects of last night’s major wind storm and my recovery efforts. 

In an effort to give you an idea just how bad things were, and how great they became after my cleanup, I will display the photos in a “Before and After” format, with the “Before” shots coming before the “After” shots, and the after shots coming after the “Before” shots. (This will, hopefully, make the complicated situation a bit easier to comprehend.)

OK, let’s get started…

Patio Furniture Cushions and Umbrellas Before Repairs:



Patio Furniture Cushions and Umbrellas After Repairs:


Wheelbarrow Before Recovery:


Wheelbarrow After Recovery:


Observation Bench, Pre-Restoration:


Observation Bench, Post-Restoration:


Wayward Branch Before Massive Cleanup Effort:


Wayward Branch After Massive Cleanup Effort:


Fallen Tree Before Murphy and I Went Hiking In Yosemite:


Fallen Tree After Murphy and I Returned From Hiking In Yosemite:


Hey, it was Yosemite, OK? I’ll get to it…


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