The Fashionable Me: Part two – When to Get A Haircut: How to Make A Decision

Hello again, Gentle Reader… I have returned with, yet, another lesson on how to live your life successfully under any circumstances or conditions whatsoever…

Today, I am going out to get a new tire for my wheelbarrow. As part of the process for doing that, this morning I looked into the mirror to make sure that the neighbor kids won’t be terrified when I leave my driveway and, upon doing so, I realized that a good hat will no longer suffice to make me appear well groomed. I am beyond that stage and it is time to invest in a haircut.

This man has just discovered that he has a severe case of Bed Hair. Note the pained expression on his face. That's because he has just come back in from walking his dog around the neighborhood - and he did it before he looked into the mirror.. Pray for him. And the neighbors. But pray mostly for the dog, who attempted to hide his face the entire time he was outside with his "master"...


Or… is it?…

At almost any other time of year, this would be a great time to get a haircut. However, in my case, for today, at least, bad hair presents a once in a lifetime conundrum. Seriously – this will only come up one time during my whole life (unless I change barbers, and maybe not even then).

On this day,  the decision to get, or not to get, a haircut has become a matter of principle and priority. 

Principle: Nice men should look nice. People think I am a nice man. I should look nice.

Priority: Looking nice is nice. There is money involved. Screw looking nice.

It required some thought… And so I gave it some thought…

On one hand, today, I don’t qualify for the senior discount provided by the shop that cuts my hair and makes me reasonably presentable to other members of the human race.

On the other hand, next Friday I will qualify for the senior discount.

This situation was quite disconcerting to me. I want to look nice for my wife and my dog (not so much for the cat), but looking nice comes with a price (in this case, an extra $1.50 if I do it today vs. next week). 

(Let me give you a little background on something, here… Judy and I have started collecting our receipts so we can better evaluate who spends more money  how we invest our hard earned funds and how we can better live within our budgetary constraints. She has a box on her desk for her receipts, and I have a box on my desk for my receipts. So far, I have one receipt for $8.34 in my box.

I’m not used to this sort of internal battle, and I was having a problem making a final decision on whether to act today or wait a week and save a buck-fifty keeping me in the “who spends more money game. It was time to break out the big guns…

…This gave me a chance to use my newly acquired “Pro-Con” decision making tool:


I quickly did so and immediately messed up the process by putting my issue in the wrong place on the form. Then, when I had made my decision, I left off my plan of action. And, finally, I put in the wrong year – should be 2015. At least I didn’t get ahead of myself… 

But, be that as it may, I made the crucial decision to – well, you can see for yourself above, and I don’t want to bore you by repeating repeating my final decision…

So, now I’m going to go to my truck, which (I just remembered) has been warming up for the past two hours as I have been writing this post, and go get a new tire for my wheelbarrow. 

And NOT get a haircut…

And save a dollar and fifty cents... Or maybe a bit less, since my truck has been running in place for the past two hours…

As always, Gentle Reader, if I may be of any assistance to you in the ways of living a more successful life, please don’t hesitate to contact me at one of my many personal email address:

Until next time,

Live Life Successfully Or Die Trying…

Always, The Very William H. Kammerer, Jr. Esq. (Not)


One thought on “The Fashionable Me: Part two – When to Get A Haircut: How to Make A Decision”

  1. Tablespoon Shampoo and conditioner for 1 shower = $0.15
    A quick trim around the ears with the electric razor = $0.00
    A quick brush of the newly clean and conditioned hair = $0.00
    Groomed enough that it will last a week = priceless.

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